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From Vesuvio to Fuji

New Sakura Collection

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Cheerful Design

Zag Collection

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Pleasure of Discovery

Columbus Collection

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The Unseen World

Utopia Collection

We realize inlaid product since three generations.

In-laying woodwork is, before a decoration technique, an art.
In Sorrento it is handed down from generation to generation, following the craft tradition and renewing itself thanks to the constant study and experimenting. To make an inlaid wood object means to lock pieces of thin wood of different colours and qualities together, in order to obtain a colour sense contrast from which the images come out.

New Jewellery Collection

From Vesuvio to Fuji.

Sakura collection is the new line of jewellery boxes of Ercolano.
Its design is inspired to Japan and its traditional cherry blossom festival event.

The entire collection offers an exclusive choice of jewelry boxes for both Ladies and Men.
The jewelry line expresses the creativity and skills of Ercolano’s designers and artisans.

Sakura 918

Sakura 927

Sakura 934

Cigar Boxes

Craftsmanship, raw materials,
passion and talent.

Our inlaid cigar boxes are a beautiful and valuable case for storing your finest cigars.

They are an unusual but impressive proposal, especially for those who make cigars their passion.

The case is in fact made of inlays of various woods and colours, cedar for the interior, a type of wood that allows the humidity level inside to remain constant.

Designed for the demanding and elegant man, the box can hold up to 70 cigars, perfectly preserved.

A world of opportunities

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"The word of wood is not uniform, it is a polyphony of fiery noises that have as their tuning fork the leaves moved by the wind'.
Alda Merini