• Columbus

    An intricate inlaid wooden globe, a tribute to curiosity and discovery, a journey through time and space, a collection that celebrates adventure and discovery.
  • Sofia

    A mixture of attention and ease, luxury and naturalness. Sofia hides surprising artistic contents, enhancing them with refined details. 
  • Utopia

    A work of art inspired by the modernist genius of Wassily Kandinsky. Every detail is carefully studied to create a unique piece, where functionality blends harmoniously with aesthetics.
  • Zag

    A testament to impeccable craftsmanship and contemporary design. Its fine wood is expertly carved to form a geometric zigzag pattern, giving the box a modern and sophisticated look

Our Italian inlaid boxes

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Cigar Boxes
Backgammon Boards
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Sunglasses Box

scatola portagioie Sofia 934

Closed Box

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An elegant symphony of craftsmanship and contemporary design

Interiors crafted from cedar, a built-in humidifier, and gold hinges lend a touch of luxury, making this box not just a container, but an impeccable haven for valuable cigars. 
A work of art that combines functionality and distinctive style.
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A loving memory

Elevate your memories with the Sakura inlaid wood frame: a combination of elegance and craftsmanship. 
The rich wood, refined inlay and lacquered solid mahogany back blend harmoniously, while brass accessories add luxurious details. 
A timeless work of art that transforms every photo into a statement of style and class.

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Made in all kind of materials

Wooden Backgammon Box
Carbon Fiber Backgammon Box
Leather Backgammon Box

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Ercolano Chess Box Set

Make your play

Esclusive chess boxes, comprehensive of chess board and chess pieces

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Our Story began in a little workshop...

  • Giuseppe Ercolano nel suo primo laboratorio
  • Componendo i backgammon
  • Assemblaggio
  • Il mosaico dell'intarsio

...and continues till now

Ercolano s.r.l. is a family business with an international calling.

It was born in the 1940s, when the craftsman Orlando Ercolano, learned the art of in-laying woodwork in one of the many sorrentine shops, deciding to bet on himself, opening a laboratory where the subject became works of art.

The factory with time became an enterprise, the administration of which passed to the son Giuseppe who continued to deepen the pledge, professionalism and passion in every object made. Paintings, tables, trays that come to life with tarantellas and landscapes of great prestige and workmanship. The wood used, the attention to detail, the extreme precision of the products has given it a reputation that has been consolidated and grown, together with the enlargement of the business.

The progress of the productive process has not altogether eliminated the element of workmanship, that remains in all the phases, sustained by a complex but agile business structure, today lead by the grandson of the founder, Orlando.

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