“ History and Craftsmen of Ercolano Artisanship.”

A family business with international appeal.

Giuseppe Ercolano nel suo primo laboratorio
It was born in the 1940s, when craftsman Orlando Ercolano learned the art of wood inlay in one of the many stores in Sorrento, deciding to bet on himself by opening a workshop where the art object became his specialty. Over time, the workshop became a business, and management passed to his son Giuseppe, who continues to deepen commitment, professionalism and passion in every object made.

Stories of Prestige and Precision

Paintings, tables, trays that come to life with tarantulas and landscapes of great prestige and workmanship. The wood used, the attention to detail, and the extreme precision of the products have given them an established and growing reputation in parallel with the company's expansion.

The Company Today

The evolution of the production process has not completely eliminated the artisanal element, which remains in all phases, supported by a complex but agile business structure, now led by the founder's grandson, Orlando.Despite evolving traditions, respect for tradition is a fundamental element of continuity.The more than 30,000 objects made each year, appreciated in Italy and abroad, are the fruit of ancient knowledge that is nourished by modernity.
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