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Zag Large Cigar Box

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The "Zag" cigar box from Ercolano is an elegant symphony of craftsmanship and contemporary design. Premium wood, expertly crafted in a zigzag pattern, creates a modern, sophisticated aesthetic. Interiors crafted from cedar, a built-in humidifier, and gold hinges lend a touch of luxury, making this box not just a container, but an impeccable haven for valuable cigars. A work of art that combines functionality and distinctive style.

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The playfulness of Zag: The Cigar Box as a Work of Art

The Zag cigar box represents an authentic masterpiece of elegance and a tribute to the Missoni style.

The Missoni style is renowned for its distinctive fusion of colour, pattern and texture, creating a unique and recognizable aesthetic. Founded by the Missoni family in 1953, the Italian fashion house is famous for its bold and innovative creations in the field of knitwear.

Missoni garments often feature a lively combination of bright shades, with geometric patterns, zigzags and stripes that intertwine harmoniously. Experimentation with knits is a central element of the Missoni style, with the use of light and transparent fabrics that give lightness and movement to the creations.

Missoni's chromatic approach is characterized by a rich and vibrant palette, which is often inspired by nature and the world around us. This style manages to convey a feeling of playful and sophisticated elegance, adapting to both formal and more casual occasions.

The ability to boldly combine colors and patterns without losing elegance is what makes the Missoni style unique. The maison has helped redefine the concepts of fashion, demonstrating that experimentation and creativity can coexist with uncompromising elegance.

These elements resurface on the design of the Zag cigar box which extends across three of its faces. Made with a clever combination of fine woods, inlaid by hand, the result is a visual rainbow that captures attention and extends in an elegant embrace.

Sorrento Inlay: An Art Engraved with Passion

The enchanting inlaid wood, the heart of the Zag cigar box, is the fruit of an artisan tradition that has its roots in the thousand-year history of inlay in the Amalfi coastal area.

The origin of this technique can be traced back to the 18th century, when skilled craftsmen began perfecting the technique of inserting pieces of wood of different shades and types to create intricate decorative compositions. The first works were often created to enrich furniture and furnishing objects, but over time, this technique has evolved, becoming an autonomous art form.

Local wood, obtained mainly from walnut, cherry and olive trees, became the favorite material for inlayers. The choice to use local essences not only gave a unique character to the works, but also testified to the love for one's land and its rich tradition.

The first creations were often inspired by geometric and floral motifs, but over time, inlayers began to experiment with increasingly complex designs. Their masterpieces were exhibited throughout Europe, helping to spread the fame of this artistic technique.

The Zag cigar box, heir to this noble tradition, is the guardian of an artistic heritage that spans centuries. Every single piece of inlaid wood is a tribute to this thousand-year history, a testimony to the mastery handed down from generation to generation by inlay artisans.

Refined Details and Craftsmanship: The Box as a Unique Work

The golden hinges, with their elegance, reveal the commitment to artisanal perfection. Every detail becomes a note in a crafted symphony; a tribute to Sorrento mastery concentrated in the creation of a treasure chest that blends aesthetics and functionality.

Refined Interiors: The Box as a Cigar Refuge

Inside, enveloped in the aroma of cedar, the cigars find refuge in an atmosphere of refined prestige. The box, designed to preserve freshness and aroma, becomes the secret temple of cigars. The quality of Sorrento wood underlines the importance of conservation, transforming each cigar into a piece of history.

Each cigar tells its story through the careful selection of leaves, the fermentation process and the skilled craftsmanship of the tobacconist. The choice to store them in the Zag cigar box, with its cedar-lined interior, is an act of respect towards the aromatic complexity of each cigar.

Perfect Humidity: Innovation and Tradition in the Box

The internal humidifier, in harmony with the cedar, creates ideal conditions for storing cigars. Innovation merges with tradition, and the box becomes the guardian of a perfect balance between modernity and historical roots. Each element contributes to a unique sensory experience.

Furthermore, a hygrometer is strategically placed outside the box, a valuable tool that allows you to constantly monitor the internal temperature without having to open the box. This additional detail highlights the meticulous attention paid not only to the conservation of the cigars but also to their perfect maturation, ensuring a controlled and optimal environment.

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